Sport before religion 

Sport before religion 


Rubias ¡están entre nosotros! (GIF) http://bit.ly/OunN6u


Rubias ¡están entre nosotros! (GIF) http://bit.ly/OunN6u


Grey’s Anatomy 2x16 and 2x17 Character Analysis 

“It’s The End Of The World” and “As We Know It”

These are by far my two favorite episodes from Season 2. You learn a lot about each of the characters. 

2x16 starts with George’s dream sequence of Meredith, Izzie, and Christina in the shower together.

“I had a feeling.” You can see the sadness in Christina’s eyes, you can see the regret. She had made Meredith get out of bed and go to work after Meredith told her she had a feeling that she was going to die. This is where we learn that although Christina is tough and most of the time could not give a damn about anyone, Meredith is her person. Even when ordered to leave the room, she simply heads into the O.R. next door, refusing to leave the floor. Some may say it was because she didn’t want to leave Burke because she loved him, but I don’t think that was it. I think it was because she couldn’t just leave her person. If Meredith was blown up, she wanted to be blown up too.

Meredith stopped the entire hospital from blowing up by placing her hand inside the man’s body, stabilizing the bomb. Every other person in the room hit the floor the second the paramedic pulled her hand from the man’s body. But Meredith, she risked her life to try to save everyone else. It shows that Meredith is brave, but it also shows that Meredith is careless with her life. Her mom has Alzheimer’s, she lost McDreamy, she had a crappy childhood. Basically, she had lost all hope. Maybe she was hoping that bomb would blow up and kill her. Maybe she didn’t mind dying since her life was so bad anyway. But once she realizes what she’s done, she imagines McDreamy telling her that it’ll be okay, and she also realizes that she actually wants to live. 

Izzie isn’t very good with her emotions. When she thinks about the fact that Meredith is in danger with her hand on a bomb, she starts to laugh and she can’t stop. She’s the kind of person who has never wanted people to see her cry, so laughing it off is now a natural reaction whenever something bad happens. You can tell that she is hiding her emotions, and her regret about being jealous that Meredith was in on a surgery that involved a bomb in a body, until she opens up to Alex about how she feels. This is where we first start to see Alex and Izzie really fall in love. 

Alex never shows any emotion. He thinks on his feet and is more into handling the situation than sitting around and crying about it. He’s smart and pro-active, and he’s one person you can tell isn’t going to fall apart, at least not in this episode. You also see a softer side to Alex as he comforts Izzie.

McDreamy AKA Derek learns that he is completely in love with Meredith. When the bomb finally explodes, and Derek and Preston come down from surgery, Derek looks around for Meredith, trying frantically to make sure she’s okay. His wife, Addison, was in the hospital and you’d think that she would be who he was looking for, to make sure that she was okay and so she knew that he was okay. But instead he looked for Meredith, who was now a bloody mess after being right next to the explosion. Later on he goes to see Meredith to make sure she’s okay, and he tells her about their last kiss which she had been failing to remember.

If you’re like me and you’ve already seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and you know what will happen to George in the future, this is one of the episodes where you truly treasure him still being around. The woman he has loved from day one (Meredith) is holding a bomb, his best friend (Izzie) is finding comfort in Evil Spawn (Alex), and yet he finds it within himself to think most about the person who no one else is really thinking about because of all that is going on. Miranda Bailey, who is in labor, and her husband is having brain surgery in the O.R. right next to a bomb. He stays with her through it all, even though Dr. Bailey is his boss and it could have been an awkward situation, he was there for the birth of her child when her husband couldn’t be because he nearly died trying to get there for it. George O’Malley was a good man. Bailey gives her son the middle name “George”. 

2x17 ends with Izzie and Christina washing off Meredith’s blood in the shower.

Grey’s Anatomy Character Analysis

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